Primary school reading and writing research - The Center for Early Literacy Information (CELI)

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Administration  (105)
  Administrator Role, Guides, Instructional Leadership, Planning, Program Implementation, School Involvement
Assessment  (99)
  International Data Evaluation Center [IDEC formerly NDEC], University Training Centers (UTC)
At Risk Students  (219)
  Bilingual Education, Deaf Children, English Language Learners, High Risk, Hispanic Americans, Limited English Speaking, Low Achievers, Minority Group Children, Multicultural Education, Remedial Reading, Spanish Speaking, Special Education, Urban, Young Children
Beginning Reading  (129)
Cognitive Development  (45)
  Cognitive Processes, Metacognition, Neuropsychology
Comprehension  (72)
Early Intervention  (269)
  Descubriendo La Lectura (DLL), Reading Recovery
Educational Technology  (21)
Emergent Literacy  (112)
  Early Experience, Pre-Reading Experience, Preschool Education, Preschool Experience
Fluency  (37)
Language  (67)
  Development, Language Arts, Patterns, Proficiency, Role
Learning  (122)
  Activities, Processes, Readiness, Strategies
Literature  (78)
  Children's Literature, Discussion, Multicultural, Response
Parent Participation  (38)
Phonemic Awareness  (38)
  Phoneme Grapheme Correspondence
Phonics  (21)
Professional Development  (66)
  Faculty Development
Reading Difficulties  (53)
  Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities
Reading Instruction  (326)
  Instructional Materials, Language, Materials Selection, Programs, Text Structure
Reading Processes  (170)
  Active Learning, Change Over Time, Decoding, Independence, Problem Solving, Reading Writing Relationship, Skills, Strategic Processing, Strategies
Research  (383)
  Action Research, Case Studies, Comparative Analysis, Data Collection, Instructional Effectiveness, Instructional Improvement, Literature Reviews, Longitudinal Studies, Outcomes of Education, Predictor Variables, Program Effectiveness, Program Evaluation, Reading Achievement, Reading Improvement, Reliability, Research Needs, Validity
Spelling  (24)
Students  (89)
  Academic Achievement, Assessment, Attitudes, Emotional Development, Evaluation, Individual Differences, Motivation, Needs, Referral, Role, Selection
Teacher Training  (47)
  Education, Methods, Pre-service, Universities
Teachers  (222)
  Attitude Change, Attitudes, Behavior Change, Decision Making, Evaluation, Reflective Teaching, Role, Teacher-Student Relationship, Teaching Methods
Teaching Processes  (42)
  Language of Instruction, Observation
Theory  (48)
  Constructivist Theory, Educational Principles, Theory Practice Relationship
Tutoring  (9)
  Tutorial Programs, Volunteers
Vocabulary  (52)
Word Recognition  (14)
Writing  (79)
  Beginning, Children's Writing, Instruction, Journal Writing, Processes, Research, Skills